SOLUTIONS and PRODUCTS - FOR Intelligence | Surveillance | Reconnaissance

Satellite Monitoring

• C/Ku Band Satellite Monitoring
• VSAT Monitoring System
• DCME Analysis System
• Satellite Carrier Analysis System
• Satellite Geo-location System
• GSM Abis Link Monitoring Module
• IP Link over Satellite Monitoring
• VSAT Carrier Scanning and Analysis

Satellite Phone (GMPCS) Monitoring

• Tactical Thuraya Monitoring System
• Strategic Thuraya Monitoring System
• Strategic C-Band Only Thuraya Monitoring System
• IsatPhone Monitoring System
• Iridium Monitoring System
• Tactical Inmarsat Monitoring System

ESM/ELINT Warning System

Mobile ELINT System
Portable Radar Warning System
Radar Signal Detection,
Identification and Direction Finding System
VHF/UHF Frequency Hopping
Jamming System Radio Reconnaissance & Jamming Station Small Size Jamming Transmitter Set

Communication Security Protection

Cellular | Desktop Applications
Inbuilt Secure GSM Secure SMS Application Secure Messenger Application ShieldMaster MP ShieldMaster DP Inbuilt Secure Desktop

Cellular Monitoring

• Passive GSM Monitoring System
• Semi Active GSM Monitoring System
• Passive CDMA Monitoring System
• A5.1 Decryptor
• 3G Module
• 4G/LTE Module
• GSM Direction Finder
• GPRS Data Processing Module
• Wideband Passive GSM Monitoring System
Social media monitoring system

• Submarine Cable Monitoring System
• Social Media Monitoring
• Digital Voice and Fax Monitoring System
• Lawful IP Monitoring With Https Decoding

Lawful Interception

• Lawful Interception Solution for Fixed Line
• Lawful Interception Solution for Cellular Network
• Multi-Channel Interception and Logging System
• Wi-Fi Interception System
• RF/IF Record and Playback System

Radio Encryption and Monitoring

HF Encryption Module VHF/UHF Encryption Module 

Radio Monitoring and Signal Analysis

• Signal Classification and Analysis System

• HF and VHF-UHF Monitoring System

• Direction Finder

• Microwave Monitoring, Logging and Analysis

• GSM Backhaul Monitoring Systems

• Wi-Fi Interception System

• RF/IF Record and Playback System

High Resolution Imaging Solutions

On Demand SAR-Optical Image Acquisition

Ground Station for Direct Reception and Processing of Satellite Imaging


Electronic Warfare - Protection systems

RCIED Jammer

Portable Multi band Jammer Manpack

RCIED Jammer

Vehicular RCIED Jamming System

Cell Phone Jammer

RF Jammer

Area Protection Jammer

FM Jamming System

Cellular Satellite Phone Jammer

C/Ku-Band DTH/VSAT Jamming System

GPS Jammer Intelligent Prison Jamming System