Analytical Services for Federal customers 

Analytical Services to search and analyze data to detect cyber threats

Our solutions help Security analysts in law enforcement, military and other Federal organizations to  spend much less time collecting and collating data across different public and private sources. We help customers to focus on analyzing the real threats so they can respond rapidly and effectively .

Our analytical solutions deliver different experience: By employing virtual data warehousing, federated search, powerful algorithms for automated information discovery and intuitive workflow tools, security analysts gain the ability to respond to cyber threats, fraud, other criminal activity and even terrorism as they’re happening — not hours, days or months later.

Traditional approaches to security analysis require organizations to set up data warehouses and ingest mass data — a process that taxes IT resources, triggers onerous compliance requirements, raises sticky questions of data ownership and drives up your total cost of ownership (TCO). By contrast, we avoid those pitfalls by using virtual data warehousing technology that accesses data at high speed without ever needing to copy or move it.

The result is a faster, more economical solution that is quicker and easier to set up, and that avoids putting long-term burdens on your IT and compliance resources.

The federated search capabilities of Analytics solution allow your analysts to quickly develop a centralized picture of threats by giving your team instant access to live data across websites, emails, social media, documents and internal or external databases (e.g., of crimes, parolees, or FBI-shared data). Besides being highly flexible and scalable, this technology eliminates the traditional need to wait on batch processes, meaning that analysis is based on near-real-time information rather than yesterday’s data. It also allows organizations to take advantage of investments they have already made on enterprise systems for a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

 Out Analytics solution has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use and to enable rapid collaboration across teams. Its sophisticated data visualization tools enable your analysts to interactively expose patterns, trends and anomalies hiding in large amounts of complex data:

Link Analysis — Easily uncover clusters of information or key individuals and their relationship to suspicious events

Temporal Analysis — Quickly recognize a change in behavioral patterns or unusual conduct needing further investigation

Geospatial Analysis — Unearth an unknown relationship or the importance of information based on geographic correlations

Statistical Analysis — Identify unexpected peaks in activities or values

SureView Analytics also includes faceted and tactical searching for selective information discovery using visual search filters, as well as alerting functionality and an integrated intelligence database that supports secure information sharing.

Analytics and services  for Law Enforcement



Retrieve information from multiple data sources located across jurisdictions with federated search

Eliminate massive data duplication and facilitate interdepartmental information sharing via a virtual data warehouse

Enable granularity of access through multi-tiered security

Minimize the quantity of working data with faceted searching

Enable analytical teams to focus on analyzing instead of researching and collating

Visualize and expose patterns in large amounts of data

Enhance the accuracy and timeliness of intelligence with integrated geospatial, link, and statistical visualizations


Rapidly identify connections between perpetrators and organizations with automated data discovery

Discover hot spots for crime and quickly plot and analyze geographic and chronological data

Recognize a low total cost of ownership with easy deployment and minimal impact on IT infrastructure



To be effective, law enforcement officials must constantly adapt to new situations, make greater use of intelligence, stay current with technology, and expand cooperation between agencies.

Today, organizations are fighting crime with tools that enable analysts and investigators to quickly access, understand, analyze, react to and share massive amounts of data across jurisdictions quickly and easily.

These information technology investments are enabling states to radically reduce criminal activity that impacts the public’s safety. By providing advanced searching capabilities across vast amounts of information,agencies have access to critical information in seconds instead of what customarily takes days.
Searches are returned as actionable results by displaying information as: custom reports, lite link analysis, or geospatial visualizations-to ensure comprehensive situational awareness.


Analyticssearch solution is an agile, adaptable and scalable mobile-enabled federated search and visualization platform that boosts the speed, collaboration and efficacy of investigative and analytical divisions.

It provides access to hundreds of sources that an organization deems mission critical and applies automation, advanced data discovery and visualization capabilities to rapidly deliver key insight to investigations.

As individuals set and receive alerts to and from their mobile devices, they are empowered to immediately continue an investigation,regardless of their physical location.

The customizable and easy to use big button interface makes complex queries easy to run or schedule, delivering reporting and visualizations through a mobile device as confidently as it does on a desktop. Unique to the industry, the search technology does not need to duplicate data for processing, ensuring a low total cost of ownership and truly enabling information sharing, as the ownership of the data stays at the original source


Customized templates housing complex algorithms

With decades of experience supporting law enforcement organizations world-wide, the platform comes with

customized templates housing complex algorithms derived specifically in support of strategic law enforcement intelligence units. Time consuming and extensive search algorithms hide behind the friendly facade of a simple round button, bringing the capability of an advanced analyst to the fingertips of an entry level workforce. In addition to improving the accuracy and speed of a division’s output, automating complex human-led processes eases the burden from the loss of subject matter expertise suffered by organizations with high turnover rates.


Substitute time-consuming manual routine searches with scheduled searches and make the platform your near real-time information asset. Scheduling repetitive complex searches takes the burden off the human analyst and allows their focus to remain on efficient actionable intelligence production using the latest information. Custom algorithms derived from  decades of law enforcement support experience ensure investigators have the information they need at their fingertips while freeing up the analyst to focus on developing accurate actionable intelligence.


Geospatial representation of correlated data over time allows for the tracking of movement of assets
or activities in a way that allows analysts to quickly see a change in pattern or behavior. Hot spots of activity
or movement enable improved resource prioritization.


Federated searching ensures that investigators and analysts have instant access to all data necessary to develop an inclusive picture of a situation. It seamlessly connects any number of local and remote data sources to create

the ultimate virtual data warehouse that eliminates data duplication and enables effective information sharing.

The timely process of cross jurisdictional and third- party approvals for access to information from multiple agencies is overcome.


Provide researchers with the flexibility and uniqueness that enables them to maximize their work efforts with customized reporting capabilities that can be modified, sorted, prioritized and scheduled. Arriving to one’s shift with reports, run and populated in the optimal fashion that each unique individual needs for maximum performance, allows individuals to hit the ground running upon starting their shift or running new searches while on the road.


With lite link analysis visualizations of a search query on your mobile device, investigators can quickly deduce and act on next steps of a situation. Automated data discovery technology quickly unearths relationships between information stored across hundreds of data sources and returns information as actionable intelligence because it visualizes the associations between individuals, events, activities, locations, etc. enabling the investigator to naturally deduce progression of next steps of an investigation. 


Replace processes that require hours of human-driven big data collection, collation and correlation of information with automation, to reduce the amount of time dedicated to unnecessary investigations.Running active warrants against the publicly available Social Security Death Master
File, for example, quickly identifies individuals with existing warrants that are actually deceased, therefore reducing the amount of time dedicated to unneeded investigations.


Today’s investigators demand near real-time alerting to their mobile devices in order to take action quickly and easily. In tandem, alerting can be set up to several individuals participating within an investigation for instantaneous collaboration and progression.


This flexibility ensures compliance with organizational brand guidelines. The deployment of a graphical user interface and dynamic elements with a look and feel that is streamlined with the existing environment will accentuate a cohesive unit and reinforce its mission.


Have your platform up and running quickly. Given the system’s search architecture, deployments
are fast. Organizations with knowledgeable database administrators can receive database deployment training and add sources to the search platform and expand the search capability independent of third party services as needed.



The system resides on top of your existing sources, so there is no need to reformat or restructure your data; saving you valuable time and money while improving the quality and accuracy of your results.

Circumvent costs associated with housing big data by implementing a virtual data warehouse approach .

The technology mimics the outcome of a traditional warehouse while preserving the custody, security and physical ownership of the data on the original source (never copied or moved).

An infrastructure built to handle the typical big data problems of incomplete, erroneous, and inconsistent types of data, but unlike most, we are still able to derive results and patterns out of the information. We can take imperfect and inconsistent information and still develop actionable intelligence.

Ownership of the data stays with original source.

Unlike other technology options, the data is not ingested

into a proprietary database therefore ownership of the data stays with the data owner, reducing the need to share ownership of the data with a third party source which can create problems for the unit in the long run.

Comply with Law Enforcement Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements by leaving ownership of the data at the original source.

Unlike other technologies that ingest data, Analytics relieves the unit from legal responsibility of reporting on the data due to ingestion.

Instantaneously search live data across internal or

external databases, websites, emails or office documents. Other options will copy or move data as a batch import process overnight, leaving the analyst working with old data versus near real-time live data.

Comply with data privacy and security restrictions via the integrated security manager, and identify options with unique permissions by individual user or group.

Customize the types of results returned with full text indexing designed with powerful search capabilities like phonetics and synonyms.


Our Analytics platform has a low cost of ownership with
minimal impact on the existing IT infrastructure. Unique to
the industry, the technology connects directly to operational
data stores and creates a “virtual” data warehouse, hence eliminating the need for IT to maintain yet another
massive data warehouse as the data is never copied or moved. Analytics is also a client-server application that
uses Commercial-Off-The- Shelf (COTS) hardware, has an
optional Persistent Cache that lets you publish content from
any database without worrying about transactional load, can
even run on a virtual machine and is easy to integrate with
existing applications.